Painting from the intersection and merging of senses, when a colour registers like a smell, that sounds like a shape, that feels like a memory - I am most inspired by life experiences and the continual work of distilling them into marks on a surface that give you the impression of something more; a story about to be told.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Evie Cahir studied a Degree in Illustration at NMIT [Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE, 2013] and has held solo exhibitions since in Melbourne and group exhibitions in Sydney, San Francisco, Perth and Rome. Selected to travel to Finland for ‘Arteles Art Residency’ Program in 2016. Finalist for select Art Awards include the Elaine Birmingham Watercolour Prize [2023] Len Fox Painting Prize [2022] Waverley Woollhara Art Prize [2019, 2022] and Greenway Art Prize [2018, 2021]


2023, Skopelos Foundation for the Arts, Greece
2016 Arteles Art Residency, Haméénkyro, Finland


2023, Elaine Birmingham Watercolour Prize, TBA
2022, Whitewall Art Project, finalist
2022, Waverley Woollahra Art Prize, finalist
2022, Len Fox Art Prize, finalist
2021, Greenway Art Prize, finalist
2019, Waverley Woollahra Art Prize, finalist
2018, Greenway Art Prize, finalist
2015, Brunswick Street Gallery, Smalls Works Group Show, finalist
2014, Yen Young Australian Artist Award, finalist
2014, Brunswick Street Gallery, Smalls Works Group Show, finalist
2010, Trentham Art Show, ‘Best Young Artist’
2009, Steve Morevell Studio, ‘Best Young Artist’


2018, Birranrung Marr Signal Building, ‘Illustration Nation’ program.

Solo Exhibitions

2023, SPRINGTIME AGAIN, Cardwell Cellars Gallery Space
2022, ‘We’ve Got That Yet’, Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne
2018, Market Fan Club, Lamington Drive Gallery, Melbourne
2017, Women Painting Big Things, No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne
2016, A Single Tear [Self published book and exhibition] Melbourne
2015, Soft and Raw, Rooftop Art Space, Melbourne

Group Exhibitions

2022, ‘UNSEEN’, Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne
2018, ‘B-Side’, Blindside Gallery, Melbourne
2018, ‘Terra Oztralis’, Outrè Gallery, Melbourne
2018, ‘Les Chiens’, Lamington Drive Gallery, Melbourne
2016, ‘Let’s Go Magic Weirdos’, Paper Mountain , Perth
2017, ‘Free to Feed’, Hungry Workshop, Melbourne
2017, ‘Hide Away’, No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne
2017, ‘Women’, Make Nice, UnConference’, Special Group Gallery, Sydney
2016, ‘Heavy Leisure’, Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne
2015, ‘Obsessed’, Rooftop Art Space, Melbourne
2015, ‘Through the Looking Glass’, Mirus Gallery, San Francisco
2015, ‘So Long, my Forebears’, Paradise Hills, Melbourne
2014, ‘Small Works’, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne
2014, ‘Patchbox’, Else Where Factory Gallery, Rome

© Evie Cahir 2021